Insta Capital Private Limited (ICPL) is committed to preserve all information provided by users and uphold confidentiality. This includes information gained while analyzing joint applicants, credit reference agencies, and other similar organizations when you apply to us for a loan.

At ICPL we pledge that we won’t sell or rent personal details to anyone. We are going to protect every bit of your business or personal information and keep them with us only.

With this seal of trust, we make our loan products and services available to you.

ICPL guarantees that it is going to keep all information confidential except in cases like

  • As made compulsory by law of regulation.
  • To agencies that work for fraud prevention and credit reference.
  • Our agents under strict code of confidentiality.

In all such cases we will make sure that service provider or agent brings into application the same level of protection as we do observe. This is applicable for agents in India or other countries.

Safety standards are maintained for the sake of making information available in cases where operation, development and improvement of services are concerned.

ICPL will never sell or rent personal information of its clients to anyone, at any time, for any reason. ICPL uses your personal information

  • Only to improve services and analyze the Site’s usage.
  • To help you apply for certain products and services.
  • For purpose of sending administrative notices, service related alerts and other similar communication that can make your site superior.
  • Doing market research, troubleshooting, protection against error, fraud and other criminal activity.
  • To reinforce ICPL’s terms of usage.

Any information that we share with third parties does not identify you individually. Access to personal information is strictly restricted and shared in accordance with certain specific internal procedures and safeguards that govern access. Certain features of ICPL are available without any need to provide details. Where as other features of the site like applying for a loan require users to provide details like name, address, mobile #, email address, PAN #, employment & income details, and personally identifying information about a potential co-loan applicant.


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